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Suddenly Seminary at Soularize

Andrew48 1Heres a first. I cant come physically to teach at Soularize this year, but Spencer of has asked me to do a virtual class in my 3D Suddenly Seminary room as one of the Labs. He will have a special WIFi room equipped for you. I will be the only one not in the physical classroom. The date is probably March 10th but is yet to be confirmed. The subject is also to be confirmed, but will probably be connected with ministry online, new media and the emerging church.
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Soularize will be March 9-11 in Venice Beach, California.

How to get in?
- You will HAVE to go to California to be at Soularize and be in a physical room with the other participants in order to be a part of the teaching. Sorry, no cybertravelers!
- You will need your own computer - which should be WiFi equipped to pick up the signal.
- You should let me know ASAP if you are planning to join this group since numbers are limited. Preference will be given to those who apply first. Send me an email. (No promises - Spencer will decide who gets in, not me - and he is a MEAN MAN and does not take kindly to strangers).