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The Briefing

Back in the USA

Billy Hoffman took me out for a great BBQ sandwich in his red Le Baron.

How does it feel to be back in USA?
It feels strange, which is unusual because i have spent 12 years of my life in USA. It has been over a year since I have been here and i have become quite acclimatized to Europe - enough to become a true Euro-Snob.

The first things i noticed at Chicago airport are how “tacky” things seem - sorry Americans, i am just being honest here- there is far more hype around the products but not the quality, thoughtfulness or the goodness. The food in particualar. I notice fast food eateries EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE eating there. I notice unpleasant smells outside. I notice how much of USA is paved with something -everywhere - parking lots, roads, whatever can be paved, gets paved.

But I also I get the feeling of spaciousness, i notice how powerful the trucks are, the obvious friendliness of the people, and i appreciate the spa at the Holiday Inn - USA seems like the only country in the world that heats up their spas to a HOT temperature. THANK U AMERICA

America used to be home to me for 12 years - I came first in 1985 and got married to my American wife Debbie. We lived for the next 5 years on the West Coast. After 3 years in Australia, we returned to USA in 1993 and didn't leave until March 25, 2000. 5 year anniversary coming up in a few days. My kids miss America - they have been away 5 years like my wife. We tried to get back before but were not able. Maybe this year?
Must go back to the spa - bye for now.