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Hacking the ISPD

Nothing else compares to it. The very sound of its name inspires awe and wonder. In layman's terms, (if indeed laymen were ALLOWED to access it) it is referred to as the Integrated Strategic Planning Database - the most sophisicated, comprehensive missions database on the planet, located in Richmond, Virginia, US of A. There are many missions databases in the world, each one a great and lingering temptation for any missions hacker. But the ISPD is the mother of them all.
And i am going to hack it. At least, I am going to try.

HackerMY MISSION: to get close enough to the ISPD database to insert my USB 2.0 128 Meg flash drive (a puny grey stick that doesn't even play MP3 files) into their database and transfer some juicy data. I know there is stacks of information on unreached people groups in the jungles of Colombia, or how many of the Massai in Kenya follow Jesus (15% of 600,000) but I am hoping to get something a bit more quirky, more FUNKY . . . something like, lets say . . .

1. How many churches have been planted among white-trash mullet-haired Rednecks in the trailer parks of Houston?

SeayWhich reminds me, Chris Seay, how is your family? Those of you at Ecclesia, Houston this morning, say hi to Chris for me. tell him i was talkin' trash about him on my blog.

or 2. How many Left-handed-Vegan-Punks who listen to Swedish Trash Metal living in Llubliana, Slovenia still need to hear about Jesus?
ISPD: Do you mean Stockholm Skool Soft Trash Metal, or Norwegian Re:mix Hard Trash Metal?
TALLSKINNYKIWI: dude . . i'm impressed!!

How will I do it?

Well, on Tuesday I will be in Richmond for some meetings with a number of organizations from around USA who are interested in missions. We are meeting at the IMB headquarters where the ISPD is located. They have asked me to speak on “emerging church” and they might even give me an official looking badge . . ..
All I need to go with my badge will be a geeky lab coat and some black rimmed glasses. If all goes well, I will walk in with my Flash drive empty and walk out with it full.
Wish me luck!

and while i am on the subject, i should ask you the question . . .
if you could hack the ISPD, what question would you ask it?