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Jones family On the road

FamilyatdoorcutWe leave tonight on the ferry. Yes, the whole family. Our van is at the mechanics, waiting for parts but we will be borrowing a Land Rover (thanks Miriam!)
Shannon Hopkins is also coming with us. We are working on a tour for the autumn of an art exhibition based on the life of Jesus and a corresponding conversation about the gospels. Here is our schedule for next week:
Tuesday (tomorrow)- Cambridge, UK
Wednesday - London
Friday - France
Saturday - Berlin?
Sunday - Prague
Tuesday - Amsterdam?
Wednesday - London
April 6 to 13 - Debbie in Mexico and I am watching the kids and bringing them to Scotland.
April 22-27 - Andrew in California and Debbie watching the kids. In California I will be talking with Fuller Seminary about emerging church training with colleagues.
Appreciate prayer for safety and sanity as we drive. And for the strengthening and encouraging of God's people that we meet with. Our trip does not seem complete. Are there people out there we need to meet with on the way? Send me an email.