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The Briefing

Last night I spoke at the 2nd Annual Foundation Briefing on International Missions. Very nice people - and a good spirit. Some of the foundations here are VERY conservative and I was a little nervous that they would freak out when i showed them some images and video of how the emerging church is looking around the world. I have to admit - It was very brave of them to invite me and open themselves up to the more organic, alternative, emerging side of what God is doing in the next generation.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts - and all of those networks that have answered my questions over the last 6 months about what is going on. We are a small part of the body of Christ but we are ministering a very large chunk of the world's population, and the ones who are the innovators and change leaders. The traditional church may not understand it all, but they see the heart is the same, and the gospel is the same and that ties us all together.

I set up a website for the folks to access extra resources and to link to the groups and events that I spoke about; Its a work in progress and should be completed soon. Its called EmergAnt

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Emergant.:3 Postmodern Sensibility


The emerging church is a response to a culture sometimes characterized as 'post-modern'. I hesitate to use the word, again, since so much fruitless discussion has happened in the church as a result of hyper-academic interpretations of the word. Although there is value in looking at post-modern literary theory (start with Ferdinand de Saussure, the 'father of postmodernism') the areas of postmodern architecture, fashion, and aesthetics have usually given me greater understanding of the current world. The post-modern shift was an experiential shift in our perception of time and space and motion.  (see David Harvey's book, “The Condition of Postmodernity”). It is something SENSED at a deep and intuitive level. This shift is reflected in our worship and practice. Our emerging churches reflect the postmodern sensibility.

The Skinny on Postmodernity (2002) was a weekly series that I wrote quickly (and regretfully) on Mondays for publication on Tuesdays at
1.Postmodernism and Global Worldviews
2.Being Postwestern: It was All Greek To Me
3.Time and Space: Being Now(h)here.
4.Postmodern Church: Are We There Yet?

I also wrote some responses to Charles Colson's article “The Postmodern Crackup”
Postmodern Truth 1.0: The Official Skinny Response
Postmodern Truth 2.0: The Cheesy Skinny Response
Postmodern Truth 3.0: the intuitive skinny response 

“The challenge of being the church in a ”postmodern, post-Christian, post-Western“ culture. . . should be a opportunity that we do not shy away from . We came up with Good News For Modern Man. Lets do it again with Good News for postmodern, post-Western people.”
From 'Being Postwestern: It Was All Greek To Me', Andrew Jones, The Ooze. 

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Si Johnston moving on

0146Si Johnston, who has Tony Blair hanging around his church today (don't call security !!!! - the PM is giving a Faithworks lecture today from the building), has announced his departure from the Oasis Trust and Big bummer for Si and somewhat of a shock. Si started the emerging church HeadSpace 2 years ago, and has been the main innovator behind, a project that will help stop human trafficking. I know this sounds like an obituary - but the fact is God has lots of things up his sleeve for Si. U may want to encourage him on his blog today.

I like the way Si describes his church:
“headspace is an urban Christian community which exists because God is love. We desire to be a tangible expression of this reality in the specific location God has given us. In doing so we understand ourselves as being one people with a shared vision and vocation. We are orthodox in our theology but risky and fledgling.

In being constantly surprised by God's grace and by the distance between God's coming kingdom on the one hand and the brokenness of life on the other, we can do little else but put our faith to work. We reject the separation between contemplation and social activism. Intimacy with God and involvement in society defines us and permits us, in the words of one of our forebears, to 'rebuild the ancient ruins and raise up the age-old foundations'. Link

In Richmond, Virginia

I arrived in Richmond, Virginia last night. Very tired after a long trip. Thanks to Shannon and Bea for the coffee in London yesterday at Heathrow and for coming out to pray for me - much appreciated!!! Things went really smoothly.

This is my third time in Virginia. The first time I came here on a mission ship - MV Logos - in 1996. The second time was 1999 - our whole family drove through Virginia in our Winnebago on the way up north. Richmond has an alternative pocket around the university - good arts program here and it attracts some of our tribe.

So, I am chilling at the Holiday Inn today - working on my presentation, eating well, and trying out the pool. More soon

Emerging Church in News x2

1. Mike Morrel gets mentioned today in this article on the Atlantic Journal Constitution, which is only available without registration today. I could tell you that you should read this because its about emerging church, in particular, Australians who are starting their churches in USA (Christian City Church, Atlanta) but the real reason for me posting it here is this: They quote me saying something intelligent and call me a “religious scolar” skolar . . . u know what i mean. (did you hear that Mum?)

2. Alan Creech really likes todays article (he gets quoted) called “Communiality: an emerging church” in The Jassimine Journal. good article! Hat tip to SubmersiveInfluence for the link and commentary.

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Hacking the ISPD

Nothing else compares to it. The very sound of its name inspires awe and wonder. In layman's terms, (if indeed laymen were ALLOWED to access it) it is referred to as the Integrated Strategic Planning Database - the most sophisicated, comprehensive missions database on the planet, located in Richmond, Virginia, US of A. There are many missions databases in the world, each one a great and lingering temptation for any missions hacker. But the ISPD is the mother of them all.
And i am going to hack it. At least, I am going to try.

HackerMY MISSION: to get close enough to the ISPD database to insert my USB 2.0 128 Meg flash drive (a puny grey stick that doesn't even play MP3 files) into their database and transfer some juicy data. I know there is stacks of information on unreached people groups in the jungles of Colombia, or how many of the Massai in Kenya follow Jesus (15% of 600,000) but I am hoping to get something a bit more quirky, more FUNKY . . . something like, lets say . . .

1. How many churches have been planted among white-trash mullet-haired Rednecks in the trailer parks of Houston?

SeayWhich reminds me, Chris Seay, how is your family? Those of you at Ecclesia, Houston this morning, say hi to Chris for me. tell him i was talkin' trash about him on my blog.

or 2. How many Left-handed-Vegan-Punks who listen to Swedish Trash Metal living in Llubliana, Slovenia still need to hear about Jesus?
ISPD: Do you mean Stockholm Skool Soft Trash Metal, or Norwegian Re:mix Hard Trash Metal?
TALLSKINNYKIWI: dude . . i'm impressed!!

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Coffee in London or BBQ in USA?

CaffemignonHey- I will be Heathrow airport in London on Monday (21st) if anyone wants to join me for a coffee. Let me know. (I will not be at Scooterworks as I said yesterday) I could be at Heathrow's Costa coffee shop at 9am
I will also be in Richmond, Virginia (USA) from Tuesday to Thursday, but am involved with meetings and may not have time for you to take me out for some BBQ or to check out vintage clothing at Richmond's finest thrift stores. However, a kairos moment may appear - you never know - and something may open up. Send me an email.