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Pasadena - hanging with bloggers

Hey - I am in Pasadena at this gathering-conference-thing and there are blogger friends all around me. . . .Let me pass the computer around . . . here they are . . .

- Hey, this is Jason Evans
- One of the great honors of my life is to have posted on tallskinny - Doug Pagitt
- hello from karen outta seattle.
- ahhah, this Ian Mobsby, great honour also.....from London
- hi, ben from manchester...enjoying the belgium beer in pasadena
- tallskinny missed the shortkiwi who was in the urinal ... enough said, lets move on ...
- wow... Hi, it's Malcolm Hawker and I am hoping when I grow up I will be a super blogger like these guys
- yo...contrary to popular opinion, California is a COLD place. Si

chillin with free fall

hangin at heathrow. again. waiting for my flight to l.a. i travelled down on a plane with free fall, a boy band who have a top ten single at the mo. nice guys. we almost missed the plane out of orkney together. my daughter saw them peform yesterday in orkney . . . but i got to chill out with the band.

right . . . a plane to catch . . .and a book to read on my flight . . . "the fourth crusade and the sack of constantinople" by johnathon phillips - great read!                                        

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California: Back (updated)

California: Right Back Where We Started From. 5 years ago, our family left from So Cal to go to Europe. I have actually lived in California 3 times,
1. I got married to Debbie (a Californian) in Orange County and we lived in Placentia for 6 months. I heard songs about Californian girls and I had to try one for myself. Turned out fine. Thanks Beach Boys - I owe you guys a drink!
2. San Francisco for 3 years. Way cool but not easy.
3. Pasadena - when i was studying at Fuller Seminary and working for US Center for World Mission. Loved the people but hated the smog.

Anyway . . a bunch of my friends are turning up for a gathering - 3 days discussing emerging church, networking, training, etc. I leave early Tuesday morning and return Monday. Tell you more later.
O yeah - I speak on Wednesday Thursday at Harambee 12-1pm for those of you local. Details.

Emerging Digital Culture

"You’ve got a church movement growing up in Starbucks all over the country now. So the digital culture is far more eclectic; it’s far more encompassing, much more grass roots interaction as opposed to someone from the top bringing it down and disseminating it out . . ." Rex Miller
Like myself, Rex Miller has been talking about the convergent church - church in the new media age. I have had some email banter with Rex and he is a good sport and a sharp thinker. I often quote him on the idea of Database vs. Documentary (i say database vs. document . . . which sounds better) but i did take it from him, and from Lev Manovich's "Database as Cultural Form" Here is a great interview with Rex on Homilectics called "The Church in an Emerging Digital Culture".

Will Wicca Be America's 3rd Religion?

I dont know. But I do know that fundamentalist Steve Wohlberg got the witches and pagans pretty excited when his book (Hour of the Witch) contained an estimate that Wicca could be America's 3rd religion by 2012. EMediaWire is running with the story and the people at have blogged it..
But how would they measure it? Surely 20 million people are not going to join covens??? Maybe through websites and schools like The has enrolled 130,000 students. Just thinking . . .

Does Steve Wohlberg represent American Christians? Well. . . he really hates the Left Behind Series, so he might be popular with some emerging church people. . . (ha ha) but his rebuttal of LaHaye's book, entitled "The Left Behind Deception" seems to hint at the fact that Steve DOES NOT represent the entire American evangelical population, all of whom bought 3 copies EACH of the Left Behind series and now use them as ceiling insulation. However . . . he does have some good research and chapter one is worth a read. A better read, however, is from Phil Johnson (from the last post on Chinese Art) who has written "Wicca and Christians: Some Mutual Challenges"

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Sunday with Rich Mullins

Ccm03CoiThe music of the late Rich Mullins is filling my kitchen. Rich will rule our soundwaves today. Friends are coming over. I am making a wicked roast port. The sun is shining. Its a good Sunday. And Rich Mullins is playing.
Rich Mullins, in my opinion, was the Keith Green of the early 90's. He had a strong stance against materialism - lived on a Native American reservation, and limited his income to a small salary, so that he could help the poor. His music is powerful, but not superb. I never liked how the mainstream Christian publishing machine cleaned him up for a suburban audience. But once you get passed his mainstream hits (that i never really warmed to) and get into his many albums, you will find some fantastic prophetic music with Native American instruments and celtic vibes and Appalachian spirituality.
I never met Rich, although i did meet his brother David a few times. Doug Pagitt met him - Rich was having a quick smoke before he went onstage to play at a large church.
Links - Wiki, KidBrothers

All Things in Common

Some thoughts on intentional community, from an old article that i just found this morning. Its called All Things in Common (2002)

In community, "you get hurt more deeply. You laugh harder," says Shane Claiborne of The Simple Way
"It's like a freaking operating room," Brian Ollman says. "It's bloody but it's beautiful. It's scary but it's safe. Everything you think you should be … goes out the window. You're just getting life on life."
"I think we need to raise the bar of what it means to be a Christian so that it includes living in some form of community as normative for Christian life," Tom Sine
"Discipleship involves almost detoxing from the wider culture." Kevin Rains
Within the group, "all the gifts are there and everything that's needed is somehow available for ministry," Andrew Jones

As For Me And My Hi-Fi

Why buy an iPod when you can have a record player for less than a hamburger? My son is thrilled with his iPod Shuffle. He is the only iPod enabled person in my family. But as for me and my HI-FI, I still think my £2 Hitachi stereo is funner and the music is cheaper. My latest score at the yearly Boys Brigade Sale in Stromness this week was only 10p. Thats right . . . 10p!
Thats "Roving With The Seekers", 1968. 10p gets me 12 tracks, each one totally rocking . . . (except Waltzing Matilda and Danny Boy). I also get the classic scratchy sound that the iPod has yet to produce. And when I convert it to MP3 with my Griffin iMic, I get to keep that old-skool static. Take away my two lame songs, and thats 1p a track - beating iTunes any day! And no guilt or fear from downloading questionable files from Russia.
Honestly, I don't know what he sees in that stupid white stick of his. However, to be fair, my record player will be struggling to pick up my Podcasted message next week.

HifiSorting through the records is a lot of fun. Here are the records to buy from their respective countries:
USA - A curse on Jim Reeves!!. Go for James Brown. Sinatra is too cliche.
UK- Beatles is a little obvious. Go for Shirley Bassey or Tom Jones
Australia- Slim pickings. Go for The Seekers
NZ - I would kill for Split Enz's laser etched "True Colours"

I also look out for 1960's cheesy religious records, Gilbert and Sullivan operas (go for the multi-record box packages), black gospel for my Gospel Brunches, and of course, 80's retro which sounds better under the needle.

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