Sunday Experience No. 2
If the Vatican went Emergent

Ears on Their Heads, But They Dont Hear

Bremer-Murray: I showed it to my daughter, and she couldn’t stop crying. She said, “It literally took my breath away, Mom. I can’t believe I’m crying like this.” And she’s not overly spiritual. It really affected me.
Di Sabatino: I’m amazed at the ability this has to reach out to people who are not really religious.
It’s like I was telling Connie: if people were exposed to more people like her and Lonnie instead of the Christians we see today in the mainstream media, there would be more Christians.

From Ears on Their Heads, But They Dont Hear, an interview with David Di Sabatino, creator of the movie Frisbee: The Life and Death of A Hippie Preacher. See the movie April 24th at Newport Beach Film Festival. (Hat tip : LitterallySpeaking)