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Frank Viola on Em. church

Frank's email: “I am writing this letter to men and women I respect who are influential in the emerging church conversation. Some of you are authors, highly-read bloggers, conference speakers, and pastors/teachers.
As you know, we are witnessing a remarkable phenomenon: The emerging church. I happily consider myself to be part of this phenomenon. I both applaud its contributions and fresh accents. At the same time, I am concerned that we may be missing a once-in-our-lifetime opportunity. What is more, I am concerned that we might possibly miss out on at least a few vital aspects of what our Lord intends to come out of this phenomenon. . . .”

Will the Emerging Church Fully Emerge? is a piece by Frank Viola whose books are highly valued - esp. among house church/ simple church folk. Worth a read. Interesting that all his books on house church are now all labelled under “emerging church” - will this be a trend?
(Hat tip to Marc)