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Sunday with Rich Mullins

Ccm03CoiThe music of the late Rich Mullins is filling my kitchen. Rich will rule our soundwaves today. Friends are coming over. I am making a wicked roast port. The sun is shining. Its a good Sunday. And Rich Mullins is playing.
Rich Mullins, in my opinion, was the Keith Green of the early 90's. He had a strong stance against materialism - lived on a Native American reservation, and limited his income to a small salary, so that he could help the poor. His music is powerful, but not superb. I never liked how the mainstream Christian publishing machine cleaned him up for a suburban audience. But once you get passed his mainstream hits (that i never really warmed to) and get into his many albums, you will find some fantastic prophetic music with Native American instruments and celtic vibes and Appalachian spirituality.
I never met Rich, although i did meet his brother David a few times. Doug Pagitt met him - Rich was having a quick smoke before he went onstage to play at a large church.
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