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The Carson Chronicles - Where Now?

Short answer?
Go here to Jesus Creed and follow his series. Have fun. Bye!

Long answer?
Yikes - I didnt realize my open blog post to Don Carson would get so much attention. People are asking what now? and where now?
Here is what I am thinking. . .

I was reading Acts 15 in the bathtub yesterday morning, where the new stuff was being introduced to the old stuff. It was all very controversial and the Old-Schoolers were insisting that the new believers had to keep the old-school rules - which included sharpening knives and stretching foreskins across cutting-boards and all kinds of non-seeker-sensitive methods of evangelism that, frankly, were not called for in this new paradigm. The apostles and elders were having a conference with "much discussion" (nothing changes!) but there were 3 things that happened, 3 things that made possible a way forward:

1. Peter, an authority figure, got up and said the new stuff was really important. That shut everyone up. They were listening.
2. Barnabas and Paul, the missionary-travellers-eyewitnesses-storytellers, told stories about what God was doing out there where the action was. They listen to the stories.
3. James, the teacher, whips out a can of Old Testament Teaching and locates the present situation in the Scriptures. They listen to his counsel.
"Then the apostles and elders, with the whole church, decided to choose some of their own men and send them to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas" 15:22

Here's the deal.
1. In the past 7 years, we have had key authority figures rise up and give their blessing to the emerging church - Rick Warren, Len Sweet, Thom Wolf, E.B. Brooks, Tom Wright, Eddie Gibbs, Rowan Williams, etc, - and the whole church has been called to listen.
2. Right now, missionaries who travel and bloggers from around the world, are reporting that the new churches are emerging out of the global postmodern culture with the blessing of God and the good fruit of changed lives and reconciled communities. Thats where I put myself - as one of those storytellers, eyewitnesses, and participants.
3. The teachers are rising up and locating what God is doing in the present with Biblical precedent and historical memory. Thats why if you want to follow this story to the next installment, you should shift over to Scot McKnight's blog Jesus Creed. Here is what Scot has offered, starting today:

"I'll begin blogging a summary of Carson's book and some responses to what he says. I won't summarize the whole content of each chapter, but I'll do my best to put the stuff on the table and try to help the conversation going." Scot

Sounds good to me. Scot's qualifications are as follows:
1. He is a commenter on my blog, like in yesterday's comment. With qualifications like that, he could go anywhere!!!!!
2. He taught with Dr Carson at the same Seminary for many years. 11 years, I think.
3. I think Scot has some letters after his name which is either his parents giving him a creative name or he has put in a few years in some academic institutions.

If you know of other teachers with something worth saying on this topic, especially if they are dealing with the emerging church in a GLOBAL context (and not just American) then please leave a link below and lets all continue with many counselors, synoptic vision and the enlightenment of God.

UPDATE: Brother Maynard is already tracking Scot and the conversation


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