Will Wicca Be America's 3rd Religion?
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Emerging Digital Culture

"You’ve got a church movement growing up in Starbucks all over the country now. So the digital culture is far more eclectic; it’s far more encompassing, much more grass roots interaction as opposed to someone from the top bringing it down and disseminating it out . . ." Rex Miller
Like myself, Rex Miller has been talking about the convergent church - church in the new media age. I have had some email banter with Rex and he is a good sport and a sharp thinker. I often quote him on the idea of Database vs. Documentary (i say database vs. document . . . which sounds better) but i did take it from him, and from Lev Manovich's "Database as Cultural Form" Here is a great interview with Rex on Homilectics called "The Church in an Emerging Digital Culture".