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300,000 hits - YES!!

UPDATE: Yes - we did it!!!

The person who did a msn search for tall skinny kiwi at 9:35pm (London time) is my 300,000th hitter on this new site. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I haven't thought of a prize, but let me know if thats you and i will think of something.

ORIGINAL POST: Today, someone will be the 300.000th hitter on this blog since I created it 18 months ago, to replace my old blog. Time for a moment of silence, and reflection, and thanksgiving.
If you remember, I gave an award to the 100.000th hitter inside our newly created Boaz Lounge. The 200,000th passed by without me knowing - i really don't check the stats very often, likening it to the vanity of staring in the mirror. But i did check yesterday and saw the BIG 300k . . . and had to say something.

This particular blog, started 18 months ago and replaced my blog, which was actually more famous than this present incarnation under Thanks to everyone who switched over and followed me here.

And thanks to those of you who get my RSS feed into your aggregators and never come here to the site - you don't register as "hitters" or "page viewers" but I appreciate you anyway.

In case you were wondering, I am getting between 1000 and 2000 hits a day on this site, which is surprising because it looks tired and badly needs a facelift. My other blogs are not as popular, but I hope to put more effort into them very soon. Anyway . . thanks!