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Here is Brian, author of The Last Word and The Word After That:A Tale of Faith. Doubt and a New Kind of Christianity, a book that has caused a lot of discussion on the way we think about hell.

[Brian] Andrew, I'm interested in asking your readers these 2 questions:   
“For you personally, is the gospel primarily information on how to avoid hell, largely but not exclusively for hell avoidance, partially but not mostly for it, peripherally for it, or not at all for it?”
(Not sure if you could make this a poll?)   
“And if the primary purpose for the good news of Jesus is not to get individual souls out of hell after this life, what is its primary purpose?”
Those, I think, are two of the more important questions the book tries to raise - and I'd love to hear what your friends in the blogosphere are thinking about them.

[Andrew] Brian, thanks for coming. Here's your poll.[poll removed - results posted a week later]