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Emerging Theology PDF: A rational critique of Emerging Church theology from The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada.
At least I think its Canadian - and can the author please step forward and identify themself? Its a well written piece which covers some good and bad points, and offers good advice - i like it! But it only deals with a very narrow sector of the emerging church. which is the American, post-evangelical, non-house church type. Still, worth a read. Thanks Pinikidon.

I have to confess, it still bugs me when North Americans talk about the emerging church as if it is an American thing, even though other countries are further along in many aspects and have a longer history. I suppose, having spent a lot of my time in USA, I have not really watched the conversation from outside the country as much as i have been doing recently.

UPDATE: Darryl fessed up to writing it - here is the link to his blog Dashhouse where you can discuss it with him.