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Does the Church Believe in Heaven?

You know that everyone is talking about hell. And you know that Brian McLaren is turning up here on this blog on May 9th to talk about it. But a question bugs me at the moment. Does the church still believe in heaven . . . and if so . . . why don't they act like it?
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Because . . . surely a belief in an actual heaven and a reward awaiting us would radically influence the way we live and especially the way we spend our money. Its possible that many church people have traded the idea of heaven for retirement, which is easier to see and comes sooner. Ohhh yeahhhh . . . they will say they BELIEVE in heaven . . . but do they really? Do we really?

Thanks to for the image of Extreme Makeover. Team Leader Ty Pennington as a type of Jesus is an interesting thought . . .

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