Michael Horton Replies
Mark Palmer

Em Church: Stale and Boring?

"After reading a bunch of Emergent Church type blogs this morning I realized almost no one is saying anything new. Not only does this make blog reading boring and pointless, but it gets a little irritating."
Fun post by Mark and a good slam on emerging church's disappointment to be the next new thing. Thanks AJ.

My thoughts? Mark - you are right and wrong.
Right, in that there is really nothing going on that is really new. I can track most emerging church phenomena back to 1968. Those who seek the new thing will be disappointed in us because WE are stale and boring and our blogs are a reflection of our lives.

Wrong, in that the Jesus we introduce to people's lives is never stale and boring . . . far from it . . and when enters people's lives and their communities, he introduces chaos and repentance and whirlwinds and tornados and healing and whispers of love and grace and acceptance and the wild challenge of a new and exciting quest that aligns all purposes and aggregates all dreams.

And it is this story of transformed lives that is exciting and never stale or boring and i am grateful that these stories are happening in emerging churches and in traditional churches and also in places not labelled as church at all.

Love your post. Keep blogging how you see it."