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GodBlogCon 05 and “Blog”

GodBlogCon is a blogging convention hosted by Biola University, Oct 13-15. AJ at SmartChristian wants people to start sign up now. It looks like a conservative grouping of “Faith Bloggers” but you should recognize some of the speakers.
Hugh Hewitt will be there as a key-note speaker. The guy has a HUGE MEGA -HIT site that I just discovered 2 months ago - not being a big Pro-Bush Blogging fan, I don't really know the skinny on American republican blog sites.

And their rating system seems to bypass many of our blogs so it seems like his blogosphere is a very different blogosphere from ours. I bought Hugh's book “Blog” last month. I was a little disappointed in the book. It lacks a philosophy of restraint and a spirituality of blogging but it does have some good thoughts on the history of printing and the impact of self-publishing. It would be worthwhile making contact with him and other right-wing Christian blogging folk. I wont be making the trip, but if i was around, i would try and get there.