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Godcasting and Podcasting

It seems that Godcasting is a huge trend right now, with a 1000% increase. Sometimes the church stumbles on a technology that relates immediately to something they have been doing for a long time - and i mean PREACHING SERMONS and GIVING DEVOTIONS and TEACHING THE BIBLE.


"Godcasting, a play on the term podcasting, has emerged as a major category for podcasting. The GodCast Network, a podcast network that features Christian and other family-friendly audio content in MP3 format, reports that it has listeners in "128 countries and counting." The Podcasting News Religion and Spirituality podcast directory category has entries ranging from Agnostic to Christian to New Age.
"Many 'pod preachers' of all faiths are converting their weekly sermons into Godcasts to more easily spread the word," notes Lycos.


I sure hope we see some creativity in the future - its a new technology so lets figure out how to use it to the maximum. I predict by next year we will have ways of google-searching through the millions of audio podcasts through word recognition software.

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My One and Only Podcast: Tallskinnykiwi @ Harambee (a long winded 15 minute talk)
Action: Maybe I need to buy an iPod?
Question: What are your favourite Godcasts right now?