May 24th Marks 20 years
Big Brother Swindoll

How Shall We Then Blog?

My wife's blog MumJones is not even a week old but already she has has over a thousand hits and comments from people far back in her life, giving credit to her lifelong journey of gift-giving and teaching by example. Her blog has a long tail (and her hair has lots of wooly dreaded tails). Her blog is enriching her present with her past.
Since i got up so early this morning, i wrote some thoughts down on blogging . . .

how shall we then blog?

with smile we publish glad tidings daily
with giggle we reveal our mundane humanity
with sigh we mirror the tragedies of broken people
with shout we send healing words through a keyboard
with bitten lip we offer more cheek to those who despise us
with double-take we acknowledge the publisher on the screen
with mumbling we paint mysteries with strange palette
with softened voice we offer answer from ourselves
with whisper we speak beyond ourselves
with twinkle we welcome past friends
to reawaken childhood dreams
to refresh our memories
to restart our journeys
to rejoin our stories
to be blogged
and blog