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If the Bible was Blogged

I know the Bible was not blogged. The publishing technologies were different back then. But what if it was? What technologies would be used? What kind of blogs would the authors create for their unique messages?

Jesus wrote in the sand with his finger. No doubt a Wiki-man who would have preferred his own Wiki Sandbox.

would have sent out his proverbs with an daily RSS feed, perhaps using a blog as a home base for his feeds.

. A hyperlink geek who would blog with a constant stream of links back to the original prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures. Most blogging programs make that easy. But a blogging editor lets you do it all offline. I use Ecto.

Luke was writing the book of Acts on the move. He would have been a Moblogger for sure, He could have sent all his posts through telephone - both written and audio. Unless he was a WiFi Warrior, tapping into rogue signals to post their blogs like other missionaries on the move around the world (yes, thats me . .  many times)

Moses? MoBlogging would have worked for Moses also, but posting from the middle of the desert would have been a nightmare. Not only no WiFi but also not phone signal. Perhaps satellite technology would have been necessary. I tend to think of Moses as more of a .PDF man - creating long, scrolling documents that could be safely stored and retrieved when necessary. Especially the Commandments - they were too permanent to blog. And if he did blog the commandments, he would have turned off the comments underneath. I know I would have.

Nehemiah was the firewall freak, always worrying about security, hacks, and building up those walls to keep out the bad guys (spammers, hackers, crackers, flamers). If he blogged, he would have gone for one of those really secure blogging systems that make you type out unique codes before you can comment.

John could have run a Vlog (video blog) with all those visions that make up his Revelation. Pity he couldn't record the visions with a mental screen capture program.

David was a musician so a podcasting blog would have enabled the recordings of his psalms to be narrowcast to anyone, broadband or dial-up. As for live performance, Media Shout rather than the complicated VJ software  like Arkaos or Isadora that Ezekiel would have used for his mixed media presentations.

Saul was paranoid about rumors and threats. He would have subscribed to Bloglines, or or created a watchlist on technorati with the key words “David has killed his ten of thousands” and then he would have tracked exactly which blogger was saying it, and when, and where they lived. Or even better, snatching the blogger's own RSS feeds to read what they are reading. Like dragging Jordon's into one's news reader, for example.  But if he did blog, he would have used a similar site to measure his blog rankings, so that he could be sure of being head and shoulders above the rest.

The Apostle Paul, I have always thought, would be a straight xhtml guy - a designer who creates and controls his own site. “See with what large letters I write to you” - the man was was a Coder, no doubt. He created business tent-shops, so web design would be the contemporary equivalent in today's e-business world. Paul would have used a notebook PC.

Peter, on the other hand, employed Silvanus to write his first letter. He would have used an easy blogging system like Typepad, Blogger, SquareSpace, InkNoise. And Silvanus would have set him up with a blogging editor like Ecto for his Mac. Yes, Peter's Mac. . .  iBook, to be exact.

And What Would Jesus Do with all the blogging choices? I dont know . . . but if it was you thinking of blogging and not Jesus, you might check out the first stop for any budding theoblogian which is Jordon's Blog Round-up. And if you had more time, you would read some more thoughts on blogging from me and from Jordon.