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My weekend in L.A

Southern California is a funky, wild, weird place and one should visit it on occasion to remind oneself that one is normal, or at least more normal than some other people, who are indeed . . . abnormal . ..  and despite the mathematical impossibility of a demographic convergence of millions of abnormal people all in a single locality, there is indeed a significant aggregationt of abnormality in this vicinity.;

But it was great to be with my abnormal comrades for a weekend. I felt quite at home! Thanks everyone for your hospitality! Here are some random scenes from my weekend in the L.A. area.

Malcolm Hawker and I took our Starbucks for a walk on Newport Beach.

Brian Ollman riding his thrift store cruiser in Venice. I stayed with them.

Spencer Burke has the spiritual gift of parking in tight spaces.

Spencer ( also has the gift of working in small spaces - Like his garage. I stayed 2 nights at the Burkes house.

Barry Taylor was surprised to see us turn up at his church.

The church loses their lease at the Court Theater in 2 weeks and will be on the move again. We had a Mexican lunch after church.

Eating Mexican was a good change from my addiction to In and Out Burger, which is my HOME-BASE for fast food.