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Power Theoblogians

Some new voices on the blogs by heavy hitters that are worth bookmarking:
TheBolgBlog by Ryan Bolger -Fuller Seminary
Staring Into The Distance, by Paul Roberts- The man behind
YSMarko, by Mark O - Youth Specialites
BTW - All of us were together at a pub in Pasadena last month. Oh yeah - Pete Rollins is blogging also.

And you already knew that Scot McKnight is now blogging at Jesus Creed. How things have changed! A few months ago, the only theoblogian who worked in Academia that I had contact with was the illustrious Dr. Rev. Maggie Dawn. Great to see more of her calibre enter the risky world of blogdom.

This is what i am talking about . .. .

Ryan on Dr D.A. Carson's book:
“If the goal of Becoming Conversant was simply to survey those authors who influence the Emerging Church, or those who influence the movement epistemologically, the right books were not selected. The attention on Brian McClaren plus a small number of other authors such as Spencer Burke, Steve Chalke, Dan Kimball, Dave Tomlinson distorts the discussion because these authors are not working to create an epistemology for the emerging church. My research among more than one hundred emerging church leaders indicates that other authors have had significant impact on emerging church thinking, authors such as Jack Caputo, Stanley Hauerwas, Alasdair MacIntyre, Nancey Murphy, Henry Nouwen, Miroslav Volf, Dallas Willard, N.T. Wright, and John Howard Yoder to start. Indeed, the books Becoming Conversant lists are significant, but just as with the lack of empirical research, it represents an anecdotal perspective on the emerging church.” Read full blogpost