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Random thoughts and questions

These are thoughts that are rattling around in my brain this morning:

- I may not be rich, but I am laughing all the way to the banquet

- Emergent leadership is not about removing the leaders, but empowering and elevating the laity into leadership.

- Did the shift from ministry in the medieval world to the modern world have the same kind of resistance from the church? I heard that mathematical numbers were called "The Devil's language" by church leaders. Would it be worth reading books from that period to find parallels?

- To be judged by our critics is compliment. To be defined by our critics is death.

- The soccer position i played when i was 12 (lhalf-back) is the same position i am playing in the mission of God. I am a half-back - involved in the forward advance when the moment calls for it, by passing the ball to those in position. But i am also assisting the defense so that we don't lose our winning edge. I like to be in the middle, a bridge between both, involved in all areas and close enough to get anywhere i need to.

- After a good soaking of Kingdom thinking, when you pull out your head, and wipe your eyes, you dont see churches, you see the Church. Only one. And you don't see mission as a yes or no button in front of you, but rather a river coming somewhere behind you, sweeping you along into somewhere exciting.

- Could we understand Hebrews 11 as a model of pilgrimage, in which the pilgrims of faith never arrived at their destination or never received what they longed for in this lifetime. This is similar to the Celtic model of journey as pilgrimage rather than the Catholic pilgrimage which involved reaching a location or receiving.

- The shift from reading my Bible as a book to reading it on the computer screen seems like something new. But when Jesus went to the Temple to read the Scriptures, he picked up a scroll - a long piece of parchment that could be "scrolled" up and down like a web page or PDF file.