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Sex and The Supremacy of Christ

1581346972I just read the .PDF version of Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, edited by Justin Taylor and John Piper. Its a good, solid book on sex from a reformed, protestant, American standpoint. But its appeal will go far beyond that group. The book starts off with some typical Promise-Keepery teachings but keeps getting wider and more interesting. It covers more ground than many other books on sex I have bought and brings in a number of voices, although it doesn't bring the tension of conflicting voices. It has heaps of Bible passages and gives them plenty of coverage. It was great to see Song of Solomon feature so prominently - its a book that I always refer to when teaching on the subject.
Of special interest are two historical chapters on the sexuality of Martin Luther and Puritans in America. I didn't know this, and it is worth repeating here, the example of Martin Luther who married Katie the ex-nun. According to the book, Luther was such an Xtreme Farter, that when he got married, he bought a new mattress to honor his wife.

“Shortly after their wedding Luther wisely ordered a new mattress for him and his new bride! Luther, who once famously boasted, ”If I break wind in Wittenberg they smell it in Rome!“ undoubtedly had to make some adjustments to his bachelor lifestyle.”

Now thats the kind of advice that will make every wife buy this book for their husband!

At the heart of the book is a challenge to refuse idolatry and keep Christ supreme in our hearts and in our sexual lives. Good word.
Buy the book? Well, if you are looking for such a book, this one is written by many authors, both male and female, and at almost 300 pages there is enough good stuff there to warrant it having a home on your shelf. Yeah . I cant think of a better one. Am I buying the book? Ah . . I am getting free one sent to me for reviewing it .. . so i can put that money towards a new mattress. Thanks Justin for the book and Challies for the tip.

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