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Weekend in Stromness

Weekend roundup:
- This morning we attended Stromness Church of Scotland. Great service. This is the minister, Rev. Fiona (left) who just got back from Malawi, and a really young girl who sang the first verse of a hymn and then led the whole congregation in the rest of it. Well done!


- Roast Chicken for Sunday lunch.
- Friday night Debbie stayed out until 2am with friends at the Orkney Folk Festival
- Last night was my turn and I stayed out until 1:30am sampling folk festival music and life in a number of pubs with some friends. The highlight was in between pubs, when James says - “Hey, I've got a boat in the harbour. Lets take it for a spin!”. And a few minutes later we were zooming around in a little boat.Totally spontaneous and crazy.
- Oh yeah . . . (spiritual reserved voice again) yesterday morning I spoke at the Men's Breakfast at Kirkwall Baptist church. Nice guys and a good breakfast. They wanted to know about discipleship among youth and emerging church kind of stuff.