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Wikipedia on Em. Church (updated)

UPDATE: Others are thinking this also and may change it in a few days. see theVoiz

The definition of “Emerging Church” on Wikipedia used to be quite concise and accurate, back when Dan Thomson was fiddling with it. Now it looks far more American, more protestant, more culturally bound to postmodernism. What's up with that???
“English speaking” Who said that? How insulting to other countries.

I feel less connected with that definition than ever. Makes me wonder if the Americans are using their loud voices to take over from other countries who should have an equal voice, especially countries that had a head start and are further along. Also makes me wonder if another name change is coming up. I know . . I would miss all the criticism also . .. but if the name really doesn't fit, then why do we keep wearing it?
What do leaders from other countries think of Wikipedia's defintion? Where are the Brazilians? Spaniards? Are the Polish comfortable with it? I met the guy in Germany who wrote the definition on emerging church for Wikipedia in German. It seems better than ours, more academically rigorous, and with less drizzle. Hopefully it captures our missional heart, unlike the American English speaking version.
Sometimes i see and read the DUMBEST things.
Or maybe I am just in a bad mood today?
Is this what it feels like to be 41?