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Aberdeen until Saturday

I am leaving tonight for Aberdeen for a strategic meeting with DAWN Europe. Back late Saturday night. We will have WiFi at the hotel so i should still be in touch.

I am also sick - terrible phlemmy chest but the doctor just gave me antibiotics and i should be OK. We have a guest from Germany here this week who also works as a doctor in London - Marcus - he told me that i need to rest and should not work so hard . .. all the time. He also told John Mulinde (Uganda) the exact same thing when he was in Uganda. I don't think John (who I met 2 years ago ) listened to the Doc but I AM SURE THAT I WILL LISTEN, just as i have been listening these past 20 years.

BTW, speaking of Africa - I will be in Jo'burg (South Africa) early October with DAWN. Cool. But that means I will NOT be in Cartegena, Colombia that week.