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Billy Graham: More Thoughts

"The evangelist's upcoming New York crusade recalls his historic confrontation with segregation, fundamentalism, and mainline theology nearly 50 years ago." Christianity Today

- Submersive Influence has the best
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Pix Scott-1 I had the privilege of working with the Billy Graham team during their San Francisco crusade - great time and a great honor. I got to know Scott Lenning really well - his son was the same age as mine. Scott now works for MarketPlace Chaplains USA. He's a good man.

Steve Knight is Manager of the Internet Department of Billy Graham Evangelism Association and is heading off to Moldova shortly to help in the training sessions. Steve has been involved in the emerging church/ UnderGround Railroad/Steiger Ministries for many years and he blogs at Knightopia. He also weighed in at 86% Emergent.