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My Gripes About Emerging Church Brasil

Only one gripe, actually. We have really enjoyed working with Olgavaro Bastos who has come out to be a part of our roundtables and training events in Tokyo, Austin, England, and Prague. We love that movement . . but there is one thing that bugs me . . .
. . .unless we speak Portuguese, we cannot understand a word they are saying on their web site.

In some ways, I like that - it preserves their culture and language and enables them to be unique. But having all their resources and stories in English (and Spanish) will enable them to speak into a larger world where there are also many emerging church movements, although often smaller and not as vibrant or colorful. And the rest of the world REALLY needs the Brazilian gift.

The first words of the English translation arrived this morning for me to check over:
"Who are we?
A movement encouraging the establishing of new communities (expressions of the Body of Christ) in the emerging generation, also called the Tribal Generation . . ."

"We are not:
An organization
A denomination
An authority structure"

45881119292057-1"Our history

One side of the story got started back in 1997 when observers realized that similar things were happening among youth in Asia as in some parts of Europe. Further research showed that the reality of the Global culture was impacting the way many people were doing church in many nations."

I am looking forward to getting the rest of the script today and tomorrow, but the fact is, i have an event to host this week and leave for Aberdeen tomorrow night. Any volunteers to check over the script and make corrections/suggestions? Send me an email now. This is a 2 day project.