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Orkney's G8 Gig: July 2

Update: 9 bands including Junction Pool [Celtic-Fusion band] from Edinburgh. The concert will be called Orkney Musical Stramash. All profits go to Make Poverty History through Christian Aid. Organiser John Adams from Kirkwall.

Original Post (14-6-05)
Just announced this morning on the radio - and not in the papers yet. Live Aid will happen in Orkney on July 2nd, as a result of bands wanting to travel up to Orkney and create another venue for the Live Aid concerts. Tickets become available next week and the event will happen at the Pickaquoy Centre.
More details later.

As for our plans, we have decided NOT to attend Live Aid in Edinburgh because:
1. A large part of the debt to poor countries has been cancelled
2. Live Aid Orkney will happen on our own doorstep
3. The group that was joining us in Edinburgh is now coming to Orkney
4. I will still be speaking in Birmingham on July 2.

For those of you going to Edinburgh, there will be a 24/7 Prayer Room set up for the duration of the event. And Protest4 is organizing a group. Talk to Si Johnston.