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No More Fighting

You might be Emergent If . . .

Time for the end of the week links - scrap pieces of unrelated news and random links :
- Some Chinese house churches are being closed. Link
- Carmelite Nun who created dies. Link. HT
- Ekklesia has some good links to articles on house churches,
- Racial issues - Rudy recommends reading PostmodernNegro's post on deep ecclesiology.

Most intriguing thought of the week was from Jolly Blogger who started off something in his comments section that I am sure will get some milage - "You might be Emergent if . . ."

Here are a few of mine. You might be Emergent if . . .

- you apologize for your avatar or habbo character not turning up to Cyber Church on Sunday.
- you know the best way to scrape candle wax off carpet
- you have considered putting dreads in your gotee
- you have more metal in your face than on your hands
- you email your wife even though she is in the next room
- you write so much in hypertext that you think your name starts with "a href"
- you don't remember how to send a letter through the post. [more]