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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Potter BookWe waited at Borders Books in Inverness until 12:01am on Friday night so that Samuel could buy the latest installment - Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince". Haven't done anything that silly since we waited for Star Wars (1999) outside a Chicago movie theatre in our Winnebago until it opened just after midnight. Sometimes you just have to BE THE FIRST!
Scott Moore of Baylor University told everyone why he was looking forward to Harry Potter and recommended that parents read the series with their children. Well . . . I am looking forward to get the book off my kids so that I can finish reading it. We discussed the first Harry Potter book alongside Moses and his stick (Exodus). When the second Harry Potter book came out, I had him read the Book of Daniel and we drew comparisons. Now this one is in the house and I am trying to find the time to read it - Anyone else read Number 7 yet?