Ballad of a Thin Man
The Desert Books: Jesus Creed and Perimeters of Light

I have sinned . . .

Not a headlining blockbuster sin like Jimmy Swaggart, but an unfortunate missing of the mark.

I blew our commitment to a cruelty free diet today. We have gone all year successfully avoiding suspect meat from fast food outlets and cheap supermarkets. But i recently found a large post-easter turkey (neither organic nor cruelty-free) for a ridiculous price, and since we had some crowds of people coming over to our house, i weakened and bought the stupid thing. At the moment, it is roasting in our oven. My wife is a little angry with me and i am angry with myself.
Anyway, after my moral failure today, I am back on track with a righteous diet. [The righteous man is not cruel to his animals (Proverbs)]