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The Personal M.Div

Jordon knows that books and essays are not enough to train anyone for ministry - emerging or otherwise - but a list of the top 40 books and 20 essays would have been an interesting exercise. His list is under The Personal M.Div.

If I could only recommend 5 books from Jordon's list, they would be:
- Frost and Hirsch, The Shaping of Things to Come
- Guder et al, Missional Church
- Simson, Houses That Change the World
- Bosch, David J. Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts In Theology of Mission
- Newbigin, Leslie. The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

For a specialist emergent track, I would suggest Out of Bounds Church (Steve Taylor) and The Complex Christ (Kester Brewin) and if you could only buy one Brian McLaren book - "The Church on the Other Side" would be the book to buy. However, the bias toward western thinking is still very biased and a few books from Africans, Asians or Latins might be needed. I find the book "Global Missiology for the 21st Century" (William Taylor, ed) is highly useful for its non-western contributions.