Prayer for London after bombings
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The Skinny on the London Bombing


I wonder what London's most famous street evangelist will be preaching about today? When I photographed him last week at Oxford Circus, he was preaching on the evils of materialism and the need to receive Jesus. (Which is a good message, relevant to that location, and spoiled only by his insistence on wearing Calvin Klein labels - is that a deliberate postmodern juxtaposition or does he not realize the irony???) But I would be curious to hear what he is talking about today, the day after London's most tragic terrorist bombing in its history.

Here is my sense of what is going on. The Skinny. A few humble thoughts that will rest here by themselves until I hear from the prophets and prayer leaders who, I hope, will have some more angles.

I cant help but notice that the nations most terrible bombing on Thursday came immediately after its greatest commitment to justice on Wednesday, an incredible high peak of a nation acting godly and committing itself to a scale of justice and generosity never seen before.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

This week is the best of times and the worst of times. An outpouring of justice for the poor, and a spiritual backlash to accompany it. A great victory and a small defeat. A crushing of the head of injustice and a bruising of London's heel. An opportunity for the nation to practice godly compassion and save millions of lives or an excuse to cower to ungodly fear and go back to our prisons of self-contentment

We have seen UK at an incredible peak through the Live 8 events and the Long Walk to Justice - a nationwide generosity and commitment to justice that is having an impact globally. Men who respect God and want to find his way forward have met together to discuss how to act justly and godly in this world. Justice flows from God who is just. The enemy is not happy and will try to dampen the spirit, sidetrack the conversations, and create fear and mistrust.

The way forward MUST therefore be to continue in seeking justice, food for the hungry, fairness in trade, and seeking the way of God for our nations. The decisions in Edinburgh have not yet been cemented. Lets keep praying and moving forward. Lets grieve for those we lost, yes. But lets also let God keep speaking to our countries and lets keep responding to his voice.
Do I hear an "Amen" in the choir?? Or am I just another crazy voice, a glorified street preacher who uses a keyboard instead of loudspeaker?

"Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God's will." Hebrews 10:36