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Top 50 Most Influential Churches in USA

In USA: "The 2005 survey was sent to 2,000 church leaders with the goal of ranking the nation’s fastest growing churches and churches with more than 2,000 weekend attendance." (oops . . here is the link - thanks scotty)
Great to see some emerging church pastors there (Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell, Erwin McManus - congrats you guys!!!!!!!) and good to see our older, bigger brothers at the top - Rick Warren and Bill Hybels, both superstars and men who have been leading the way for many years. Good to see other pastors i have met over the years - Larry Osborn is a great guy. Jeff Jones. And others.

No mention of house church movements or organic churches close to the ground because only churches bigger than 2000 made it to the list. When I am in USA, i usually try to hook up with the house churches and churches off the map. But I sometimes end up at many of these churches also.