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Doxology - My Chapter

WwellYesterday I wrote a chapter for a book that will come out in a few months. The book will accompany an arts exhibition called Doxology, featuring large scale enamel pieces by Rob Pepper on the life of Jesus. I was assigned this image of the women at the well and Debbie will add to my thoughts for the book.
Rob is a renown artist who uses the "conscious reflex drawing" method which means there is no eye contact with the paper. Rob's drawing blog is also well known.
Shannon describes Doxology this way:
“Rob is opening up his own journey. From Modernity, through Postmodernity, and now ”Returning to the Real“. And opening up the questions about faith, truth, church, Jesus that he has been asking along the way. The hope is for real dialog.”

The Doxology tour will begin in Houston at Ecclesia and will tour the world for 2 years (or more). We are still needing a few more galleries to host this exhibition. (Beijing? Tokyo?) Pray for the German guys from Kubik as they work on the graphics and book.