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Greenbelt 2005: The Skinny

UPDATE: I am leaving tonight to get down to London and then Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham. I will be on a BLOG FAST for the next 4 days while I am camping in my tent with thousands of other happy campers. Looking for me? I should be pitching my tent with the large group of Germans from Kubik (where i preached earlier this year) and the Doxology team.

- Greenbelt attenders are encouraged to place a tag on their blogs and share photos using Flikr for a Greenbelt montage. Details here.

- Best teaching at Greenbelt this year (apart from my seminar "The Spirituality of Blogging" at the Greenbelt TANK - ha ha) will be to hear Karen Armstrong speak on whatever she will speak about. I have two of her books at home - she is really something! She is my only "MUST HEAR" for Greenbelt this year.

- Will there be another roundtable for emerging church like last year's Epicentre Roundtable?
NO - nothing formal planned this year but there are lots of opportunities to do this inside the program. If you know of a time and place where something is happening, please leave a comment below.

Greenbelt Festival (Cheltenham, UK) have me speaking on Monday 29th August in The Tank, the official hangout space of the Geeks. The title of my talk is "The Spirituality of Blogging". Some of you heard me speak last year on "Forward Slash" which was more of an intro to the values of new media. This one will go further in exploring spirituality in and through hypertext, internet, and of course, blogging. I assume it will be recorded, since they did it last year and made it available through their web-shop.

Pre-reading? I recommend downloading Tim Bednar's "We Know More Than Our Pastors".

But I also hope to meet up with more than geeks. It will be good to see old friends (all my friends are now old) and I have a desire to meet up with people who have just recently started up an alternative model of church. Let me know if that is you.
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