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Hell, Tithing and Video Games

I clicked on a religious google add this morning, something that i NEVER do, and found myself reading L. Ray Smith. I read his long article on why Christian Tithing is Unscriptural and the one on a literal hell being "a Christian hoax". And I was thinking to myself about how much information is available to everyone on the internet, and how more educated people are getting. Those who are communicators can no longer assume ignorance on the part of the hearers, as in the days of widespread illiteracy. It might be safe to assume that people have often examined both sides of an argument before they hear a message.
All of this makes Tim Bednar's title "We Know More Than Our Pastors" sound more feasible.

In his book, "Everything Bad is Good for You", Steven Johnson argues that the population has grown much smarter, IQ's have increased, and it is not because of the education system. He says it has more to do with video games, multi-tasking, channel surfing and other things that make us think and react in new ways. I would add that the internet has given us information (not perspective) at our fingertips and we feel more connected to that information and empowered to react to it. Anyway . . .