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Kevin Kelly on Blogging

We Are The Web: Kevin Kelly talks on Wired about 10 years of hypertext.

"No Web phenomenon is more confounding than blogging. Everything media experts knew about audiences - and they knew a lot - confirmed the focus group belief that audiences would never get off their butts and start making their own entertainment. . . . Blogs and other participant media would never happen, or if they happened they would not draw an audience, or if they drew an audience they would not matter. What a shock, then, to witness the near-instantaneous rise of 50 million blogs, with a new one appearing every two seconds. There - another new blog!"
" . . . in the near future, everyone alive will (on average) write a song, author a book, make a video, craft a weblog, and code a program. This idea is less outrageous than the notion 150 years ago that someday everyone would write a letter or take a photograph."

Interesting thought - Kelly says the average internet user is 41 years old. Just like me (Am I AVERAGE?) As for his question, "What happens when everyone is uploading far more than they download?", I took a shot answering it in Generation Text.