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Dangerous Stories

Alan Hirsch has a new book coming out called Dangerous Stories, in which he brings insights from the Chinese House Church movement into the wider emerging missional church conversation. This is interesting - I have also had good conversations with both Chinese young people and also missionaries like David Garrison, who are describing the movements in China as having emergent behavior but not in those terms. (David does not use that word in his book, but I did recommend he buy Steve Johnson's book Emergence).
Hirsch argues that the Australian emerging church started missional and is moving towards the emerging, while the USA scene started emerging (in the church-based spirituality sense) and is headed towards the missional. I don't entirely agree with that but i see their point - I left some comments on the issue at Peregrinato
I described their last book “The Shaping of Things to Come” as "possibly the most muscular apology of emerging-missional ecclesiology in our age" and have it on my TOP 5 list of books. I look forward to the next one.

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[update: i said that alan and mike wrote this book but actually it was Alan. Mike has a seperate book coming out that should also be a good one]