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Top 500

Top500-2005-08-1 I made the Top 500 blogs this month (Number 381) so I am adding this symbol to my sidebar. Thanks Darren Rowse for letting me know. I haven't checked Feedster before so i don't know if its my first time there or not.
Congrats also to Tim Challies who also made the list (490) and is just getting home from his vacation to find the good news.
Am I bigheaded?

No - This morning's devotion (Spurgeon's Morning by Morning - open source module courtesy of MacSword) was about not stealing glory from God - "Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name." Psalm 29:2 . . . good timing . . . so i wont let making the Top 500 go to my head. On the contrary, my blog has never looked great and it has always bamboozled me as to why so many people come here - I have been told that God's hand is on it and His favor - which is a good enough explanation for me - and reason enough to keep on blogging here.

I do need to offer some thanks . . .

So, first I want to thank my God and Savior Jesus Christ - i wish it was easier to hyperlink to Him.
I want to thank the Academy . . I mean Feedster for this great honor.
My mother . . . for her hits and constant page views.
My fans . . you both rock!
I want to thank my wife . . who puts up with a geeky husband who spends too long in front of the computer - uh huh - you're HOT baby . . UH huh . .. you know what i'm talkin'about! . . . uh huh . .
I want to thank my incredible doctors and the medical staff for dealing with my RSI and carpal tunnel - for going the extra mile with me - yes - you guys rock, i know you are watching . .
I want to thank my kids for taking care of themselves while dad is blogging - cleaning up, feeding yourselves, disciplining yourselves
Ahhh . . . who else . . .
Thanks to my Dad who passed away last year but inspired creativity and experimentation in me for new media, and who taught me about humor.
Thanks to E.B. Brooks who bought me my first MAC and Macromedia Studio 3 that got me started. You rock E.B.!
Humongous thanks for the 981 of you lovely gorgeous beautiful people out there who have permanent links on your sites to me . . . I say in sign language . . .(if i could sign) . . . "you complete me!" . . . yes you do . yes you do . yes you do. ah heck . . . i told myself i wasnt going to cry . .
Thanks to everyone out there for coming here daily to perve . . i mean WATCH my life's journey as it unfolds
yes . . thanks to you all. YOU ALL ROCK!

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