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We survived 10 Years of Emerging Church!

Our family are working on a book that captures the moments of our last 10 years of trekking around the world, seeing what God is doing, and sometimes being involved with building foundations for new things. The book will be handmade and will have much of our poetry, stories, recipes (pizza) and our best images.
Want to buy the book? It will be around $10 - send me an email


Last night we were ripping up old boarding tickets and receipts from all kinds of countries, to be mashed up into a rough pulp and used for the cover of the book. My kids are really into it. They started immediately after we talked about it last night - writing songs and collecting the best of their poems.

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August 1995 was the month (I think) that we moved to San Francisco and began loving the street kids and weird looking young people in the Haight Ashbury district. Those who came off drugs and got sorted out forced us to rethink they way we wanted to do church - thus our journey with emerging church began. Ten years later, we don't have all the answers, but we have seen a lot and learned a lot. I hope the book celebrates that journey and the many friends we have met on the way. If you are interested in buying the book when it is finished, let me know and i will put you on a mailing list to be notified. I think we will make a limited edition of about 500 copies. The proceeds will go towards our furlough back to USA - the kids have been away from USA for over 5 years and they really want to go back for a visit.

Another book I am working on is a summary of the emerging church. I know. I know . . i have been writing it for about 3 years. . . but now is the time for me to actually get it into a decent form and put it out.

Interesting thing - the apartment we rented in San Francisco - August 1995 - we handed over to Eric and Linda Bergquist who have used it as their base of operations all the way through the past 10 years. But they are moving out next week and handing the apartment back to the owner.