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Emerging Church MP3s

Talking Points: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary hosted a day of talks about the Emerging Church and made them freely available. Its a good conversation. I liked Number 5 the best because they deal with some of the criticisms. Remember that this is not dealing with the house church movement nor cyberchurch or the wider emerging church but rather the emergent-type churches that hold a similar structure to the traditional but are showing a possible way forward. Link. HT: Dave's Listening Place

1 - Emerging Church Past Present and Future (Brian McLaren)
2 - Emerging Church A Historical Theological Professors Reflection (Mike Wittmer) (Powerpoint Slides)
3 - Emerging Church A Pastor's Reflections (Ed Dobson)
4 - Emergent Conversation: Present and Future Challenges (Brian McLaren)
5 - Emerging Church: Reflections and Questions (Steve Argue, Moderator. McLaren, Dobson, Wittmer)

[I originally called these "podcasts" but Justin says they are not - so I renamed this post.]

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