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Interdictor: Blogging from New Orleans

Helping Katrina's Refugees

“It’s just a horrifying situation in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama . . I know our Texas Baptist people want to respond.” Dr Charles Wade, BGCT, Baptist Standard

More ideas to help the refugees from Hurricane Katrina:
- Church buildings into shelters. Many Texas Baptist churches have already been turned into shelters. More need to open up.
- Operation PotLuck (my idea) If churches on Sunday put on a huge pot luck meal at their churches this Sunday, and took a few van loads of refugees to the meal, it might be a good environment to make new friends and explore opportunities for families to minister to families. If your church is being used as a shelter, then roll out the BBQ's and eat together right there.
- Elijah room. Have a spare room in your house? Maybe its time to open it up for someone.
- Give money this Sunday - I suggest the Texas Baptist Mission Foundation. Link
- Bloggers give space on their sites - for spotlighting acts of mercy, for acknowledging channels of communication and generosity.
- CyberCafe. A BoingBoing reader suggests that Geeks help turn Houston's Astrodome into the world's biggest CyberCafe. It would mean donating old computers.

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