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5000 Mile Emerging Church Tour

Well, its all a-go-go for our furlough in October. I really want you to track with me over the next 4 weeks - there are some people that YOU HAVE TO MEET and things to see that will blow your mind.

We leave in a few days and will be driving about 5000 miles around USA from Houston, to Austin, to Dallas, to New Mexico, to Orange County, to LA, to San Francisco, to Portland and to Seattle . . . . and some small places in between. . . . and then back again. pheeeew! I will also be flying to Nashville (Oct 24-25) and (hopefully) making it to a few events (Doxology, Emergent Gathering, Godblogcon)

But, honestly, the most important events will be small house parties that we throw and enjoy along the way in which we meet with key emerging church leaders in their own homes and eat pizza and laugh and tell stories and pray for wisdom for the future. Some of these parties will be open and you may want to email me to ask for an invitation if you suspect we are having a party in your city. (Portland will be a good one)

1n 1999, we put 25,000 miles on our Winnebago around USA. This trip will be a recap of cities where we have spent time and made friends. We have a lot of people to see and catch up with. Its been over 5 years since our family has driven this circuit and we want to reconnect with the emerging church leaders that were starting out back then, as well as meet the next crop of leaders who are planting seeds into the next season. I will be blogging the trip quite heavily and talking about the history of the emerging church - in particular its more hidden stories and key players than don't get invited to write books for MSM or speak at conferences in hotel banquet halls where people where beige dockers and polos. It should be a good month to track with me on my travels - you will meet some amazing people and I think your understanding of the emerging church will be stretched.

Deanna said
"Hey - have a great trip to the US. I don't know if you have already, but could you update on finances for your trip? Here's hoping the effects of Rita don't stop you!"

Gauge34Thanks Deanna, and others of you, for asking. Katrina nearly stopped us from coming (it seemed insensitive and untimely but we decided the time was still right) and Rita had us worried. But we are on track. Here is the FURL-O-METER right now. We had enough money come in to buy some cheap plane tickets for our whole family from Dublin to Houston. FANTASTIC! That was the biggest challenge. Someone else has offered to rent us a mini-van and that will be the wheels for our family. I am not sure about the rest of the Boaz team - they will have to figure out their ride, or hold on to the roof rack. Our biggest expense will be gas and food. We are bringing two tents and will be camping in the back yards of friends along the way, and staying with relatives.

I have started out an email list to send out at intervals during the month - please email me and ask to be put on the list if you want to be updated. Especially if you want to attend any of our pizza parties and small intimate gatherings in people's homes. The name of the list is Butterflies and Hurricanes

Question: When are these house parties?

Answer: Whenever we get there!
Dangitt - you want dates? you honestly want to put us on a timetable while we are supposed to be enjoying our restful 4 weeks back home in USA?


This is our furlough and we will have our parties whenever we get there to your cities and we will not let the stress of getting to the next place on time add tension to our trip.

Jesus travelled that way also. "Your time is always right" he said to his disciples who insisted he keep to the Festival timetable. Jesus got there at the right time. And we want to do the same. And like Jesus, we will be camping out some of the time, and staying with relatives and friends the rest.

Sorry we cant give you exact dates . . . but get on the mailing list and you will know the day before or the morning of. Email me : tallskinnykiwi at hotmail dot com and ask to be put on the Butterflies and Hurricanes list.

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