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Derek and his 65 Volvo 544

Derek bought a 1965 Volvo 544 - the same car that Colin Powell collects. Colin wanted this one for his collection but Derek beat him to it.


Colin Powell sent 17 emails about this Volvo. Apparently he has 5 of them at his home. If I was Derek, I would not upset Colin Powell. There are some countries that wish they had not upset Colin Powell.

But it really is a nice car. Maybe even worth risking your life to buy it. Still, I would be looking out for suspicious characters with earphones who are driving black SUV's up and down Derek's street.

Today, when we go to Derek's house for his wifes party, he will take me for a ride in the Volvo that Colin Powell didn't get.


I like to live dangerously.

Updated Sunday Schedule

Heres today for our family

11am - Austin first baptist
1pm - Gospel Bruch at Threadgills BBQ
3pm - Amy Chapmans birthday party
7pm - BBQ at Tony and Felicity Dales (of House2House fame)

And somewhere in there i need to see John Berryhill and pack up for our Houston trip tomorrow. We are holding up pretty well but are beginning to sleep in a little later and feel more tired.


We will arrive in Austin this afternoon. Austin rocks. Its a great little city that we have often spent time in.

Where to connect with us:

We will probably pitch our tent at Austin Lone Star RV Resort - the best campground in USA that hapens to be owned by John Berryhill's father in law. You will find me in the spa, meditating on the finer things in life . .  like bubbles, jet propelled water, bubbles, hot water, upward floating bubbles . . .

Saturday night: Ryan and Holly are playing at Oak Grove Abbey  so we get to check out this new monastic base thats connected to ECN (Emerging Church Network)

Sunday morning: Checking in with the homies at Austin First Baptist Church. Only 2 blocks from Stubbs BBQ and i am tempted to do a Gospel Brunch but i think there is a birthday party for Amy Chapman that afternoon.

Monday we shift over to Houston for a meeting with UBA and then fly to Dublin.

2311 miles

This is our journey for the next two days. We will stop in Denver to pick up Jessica (who we left in San Francisco) but we will probably just keep driving until we hit Austin, TX. I think we have just enough money for gas to get there but it might be close. If you live on this path and we are driving by your house, give us a holler on my cell phone - 512 619 6735. Appreciate prayer for safe traveling and good weather.


Party at Toyland, SillyCon Valley

Michael and Linda Toy were the most generous hosts we have probably ever met. They let us stay with them in their fun house near Palo Alto, Silicon Valley.

Michael (right) is an internet-legend-pioneer-geek-extraordinaire who put the Netscape Navigator team together in the 90's. But he is more famous to us for being a warm, generous, lovely man of God who doesn't mind the laughter of kids running through his house. I didnt get to ask him about "Undignified", one of his current projects to inspire artists to follow in the ways of King David. When I get the chance, I will read Michael's document on church that he has entitled "It"

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