Forth Worth with Debbie's Half Sister
The Prescotts in Oklahoma


We will arrive in Austin this afternoon. Austin rocks. Its a great little city that we have often spent time in.

Where to connect with us:

We will probably pitch our tent at Austin Lone Star RV Resort - the best campground in USA that hapens to be owned by John Berryhill's father in law. You will find me in the spa, meditating on the finer things in life . .  like bubbles, jet propelled water, bubbles, hot water, upward floating bubbles . . .

Saturday night: Ryan and Holly are playing at Oak Grove Abbey  so we get to check out this new monastic base thats connected to ECN (Emerging Church Network)

Sunday morning: Checking in with the homies at Austin First Baptist Church. Only 2 blocks from Stubbs BBQ and i am tempted to do a Gospel Brunch but i think there is a birthday party for Amy Chapman that afternoon.

Monday we shift over to Houston for a meeting with UBA and then fly to Dublin.