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Sam in the Advertising World

Sam, my stubborn 14 year old son whose name is actually Samuel, and whose hair is far too long, is spending the day in the fast world of the Seattle adverstising scene. He left yesterday with his uncle Eric Cosper (my wife's brother). Elizabeth went along with them.

Eric has been working around the country for some of the most famous agencies, including Weiden and Kennedy here in Portland.

0616 Bs21
He was the Art Director for the Starbuck's "Suits" ad.

Since then he has been the creative director for a lot of TV ads.

How weird - I have been talking about throwing parties in kitchens while my brother in law has been using the same theme for his Miller Lite beer ads. I haven't seen these before (honest) but there is some kind of family connection going on here.

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The Paintings of David Robinson

Davidrobinsonpaining-1We visited artist Dave Robinson at his community house in San Rafael and I saw one of his recent paintings (click to enlarge). The image of the hand as waterfall is fantastic. It reminded me of the church in its liquid form and the inadequacy of human constructs to hold what God is doing. Dave was part our community in San Francisco in 1997.

This is the Admissions Office at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, California. We paid them a visit last week to view this famous painting by David. But wait . . . take another look at that painting by clicking on this thumbnail.

SarahandbruceThat's my brother in law, Bruce Stuart on the left, next to my sister Sarah (who uncanningly looks like the lady in the Admissions Office). And those kids in the painting are mine. David Robinson made this painting from one of my photos of our family at the London underground. Nice one, Dave!

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Peaceful Turtles

"Andrew . . . I am setting up a podcasting website called Peaceful Turtles [which was] named from an article you wrote about what you didn't like about house church . We left like turtles and not as skunks and endevor to support the traditional church." Email from Keith.

Way cool, Keith.  24-7prayer did a shorter version. Regarding the origin of "turtles" I state in that article [My Gripes About The House Church Movement, 2002] that the turtles and skunks analogy is originally from Bro. Tho Wolf, a great teacher who has not written books but has influenced many of us. The third option of "Butterflies", was suggested by Kerstin Hack of Berlin. And for the record, I am a big fan of house church. And of the next generation of house churches that have even less visibility and structure.
I love the name of your site and I agree that much of the emerging church off the radar is being built by peaceful turtles. I pray every blessing on your website, podcasting and ministry.

Other Emerging Church Stuff

Catching up on Emerging Church stuff around the world:
- Emergent Kiwi has a list of postgraduate emerging church research papers.
- DJChaung wraps up his thoughts on Godblogcon.
- Emerging Solutions and Problems' - Christianity Today tackles D.A. Carson's book 'Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church.
- Normal Church vs. House Church, by Frank Viola.
- Steve Adams on Emerging Options

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Radio Interview

Radio interview at 9am Pacific Time at KREF KREF 1400 AM, Oklahoma City, Oklohama (11am their time). Bruce Prescott says he will podcast it later. Its a sports station and this is their only religious broadcast. Hope they dont think I am the OTHER Andrew Jones who plays baseball.