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Sam in the Advertising World

Sam, my stubborn 14 year old son whose name is actually Samuel, and whose hair is far too long, is spending the day in the fast world of the Seattle adverstising scene. He left yesterday with his uncle Eric Cosper (my wife's brother). Elizabeth went along with them.

Eric has been working around the country for some of the most famous agencies, including Weiden and Kennedy here in Portland.

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He was the Art Director for the Starbuck's "Suits" ad.

Since then he has been the creative director for a lot of TV ads.

How weird - I have been talking about throwing parties in kitchens while my brother in law has been using the same theme for his Miller Lite beer ads. I haven't seen these before (honest) but there is some kind of family connection going on here.

Eric made some ads for Long John Silver with a talking shrimp. I heard they were popular.

I think Eric is more famous for his Miller Lite ads.

Eric got married this year to Jenny at a resort in Mexico. I got to meet her this weekend.

Good on ya, Eric! Don't forget to send my kids back!